Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride

Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride

Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride

Industrail grade polyaluminium chlordie

Polyaluminium chloride also simply called PAC,it used in deodorants and as a coagulant in water purifiantion. polymerization of aluminium chloride is an efficient water purifier,inorganic polymer coaglabt, can sterilize,deodorize, decolorize and so on.

Product feature:

The product has a strong adsorption properties, while it is  in the hydrolysis process, accompanied by condensation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical and chemical processes. it is suitable for all kinds of high and medium turbidity source water treatment, especially for high turbidity water purification has a particularly significant effect,it alum to form fast,large,flocculation sedimentation speed,because the use of a wide range of PH and  no corrosion to the pipeline equipment,water purification effect is obvious.

polyaluminium chloride PAC
Product Specification
GradeIndustrial grade
ColourDark yellow
Content of Al2O324%
Basicity %40~90
ApplicationWater treatment

Packing :

1.The inner layer of product packaging has thin film,plastic woven bag in outer layer,25kg/bag.

2.Store in cool,dry place and prevent sun dan yain.

Delivery :

within 7 working days after received the advance.



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