Gongyi Xinqi chemical plant’s location is extremely advantageous, which contains the Longhai Railway and 310 National Road. So the transportation is very developed. Since the plant was built in 1999, we keep on reforming, innovation and development. At present, we have an experienced, skilled business, skilled professional team, a strict quality management system and perfect analysis and testing means. At the same time, in order to serve our customers better, we have set up offices in many parts of the country. Along with the continuous development of international business, overseas offices are also preparing. In recent years, with economic development, more and more people pay attention on recycling of resources. Therefore, the demand for our products increase a lot. In order to meet customer needs, we have already picked up a piece of land in industrial area to built a new plant workshop.

We will install more modern equipment in the new workshop and automated production line not only will ensure the production, but also will greatly improve the stability of product quality. Once the new production line is installed and put into use, the annual output will increase to a new level. At that time, we can meet the higher requirements of customers, achieving customers and our win-win situation.



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