Polyacrylamide as a metallurgical production of coagulants, flocculants, dehydrating agent is widely used in mining, mineral processing, mining wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and other processes.

Polyacrylamide in the field of mining applications mainly related to mining, mineral processing, metallurgy and other mineral processing. A large amount of water is used in these processes, and it is necessary to effectively separate the solid minerals from the aqueous solution. Appropriate dosage form, the appropriate amount of water-soluble polymer polymer polyacrylamide, can accelerate the concentration of fine particles and improve the efficiency of filtration, so as to achieve a high separation effect and improve the production capacity of equipment to reduce the loss of useful minerals, Yield, to speed up the reuse of tailings wastewater purposes.

Polyacrylamide widely used  in the field of mining and metallurgy ,due to the field of mining and metallurgy involved in the complex composition of the media, a wide range of particle distribution and PH value range, some medium temperature and many other adverse objective factors, resulting in polypropylene Amide in this area has become more complex. A lot of  factors has proved that ordinary polyacrylamide in most cases difficult to achieve the desired purpose.

GONGYI XINQI CHEMICAL PLANT  has been engaged in the production and promotion of polyacrylamide since 1999. Due to the characteristics of the industry, our company  has  cooperated with lots of the field of mining and metallurgy help them to choose the best product .



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