High purity polyacrylamide is widely used in the field of water treatment

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Jan 17,2024

High purity polyacrylamide

High purity polyacrylamide is an organic polymer flocculant that can be dissolved in water in any proportion. The aqueous solution is a uniform and transparent liquid. High purity polyacrylamide is widely used in industries such as oil extraction, water treatment, textile, papermaking, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc., as a lubricant, suspension agent, clay stabilizer, oil driver, dehydrator, and thickener.

High purity polyacrylamide is widely used in the field of water treatment

Water treatment includes raw water treatment, sewage treatment, and industrial water treatment. In raw water treatment, it can be used together with activated carbon to coagulate and clarify suspended particles in domestic water. Replace inorganic flocculants with organic flocculant acrylamide. Even if the sedimentation tank is not renovated, the water purification capacity can still be increased by more than 20%; In sewage treatment, the use of polyacrylamide can improve the recovery and utilization rate of water, and can also be used for sludge dewatering. As an important formula for industrial water treatment.

Usage characteristics of high-purity polyacrylamide

1. Flocculation: PAM can neutralize suspended solids through electricity and achieve flocculation through bridge adsorption.

2. Adhesion: Adhesion can be achieved through mechanical, physical, and chemical reactions.

3. Drag reduction: PAM can effectively reduce the frictional resistance of fluids, and adding trace amounts of PAM to water can reduce drag by 50-80%.

4. Thickening: PAM has a thickening effect under neutral and acidic conditions. When the pH value exceeds 10, PAM is easily hydrolyzed. When presenting a semi reticular structure, thickening becomes more pronounced.