What role does polyacrylamide play in agricultural production

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Dec 25,2023

What role does polyacrylamide play in agricultural production?

1. Water retention effect: Adding polyacrylamide to the soil can increase soil moisture content, inhibit soil crust formation, and increase water intrusion. Polyacrylamide can increase water intrusion, increase soil moisture content, and maintain soil moisture content for a period of time after rainfall or irrigation.

The greater the application amount of polyacrylamide, the better the water retention effect. However, when the application amount is too large, it will have the opposite effect. The generally recommended application dosage is 3-12KG/K㎡.

2. Yield-increasing effect: The application of polyacrylamide enhances the water and fertilizer retention properties of the soil, enhances the soil's aggregate structure, improves the soil's permeability and drought resistance, improves the soil environment, and facilitates the growth and development of crops. It provides a relatively superior environment and significantly increases crop yields.

Experiments have shown that by spreading polyacrylamide at a dosage of 18KG/K㎡, wheat yield can be increased by 9%.

3. Insulation effect: When polyacrylamide is applied to soil, water is absorbed by the network structure, free moisture is reduced, soil conductivity is reduced, soil temperature is low during the day and high at night, and the daily temperature difference is reduced, which is beneficial to the growth of crops.

4. Fertilizer-preserving effect: Polyacrylamide PAM can also affect the soil's adsorption of fertilizers. By stabilizing water, stabilizing the aggregate structure and adsorbing fertilizer elements, it inhibits the loss of fertilizer elements and improves fertilizer utilization.

In soil treated with polyacrylamide, the contents of organic matter, available phosphorus, available potassium, and available nitrogen are significantly increased. A large amount of practice has proven that the use of polyacrylamide can increase fertilizer efficiency by 25%--60%.