How to distinguish the authenticity of polyacrylamide pam

Release time:

Jan 17,2024

Nowadays, the real and fake polyacrylamide pams in the market are too similar, which brings some difficulties to recognition. However, we still need to learn some correct recognition methods to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods. The methods to distinguish between real and fake are as follows:

1. Premix: This is the method used by the manufacturer. For this adulteration method, it is difficult to distinguish specific indicators without detection, and it is also difficult to distinguish traditional indicator detection. It requires rich experience and ordinary users cannot distinguish. The average molecular weight of viscosity can be obtained by measuring the intrinsic viscosity and substituting it into the calculation formula. In the production process of polyacrylamide (PAM), there is almost no difference in tolerance for small size and production cost, regardless of the molecular weight. In other words, regardless of molecular weight, the cost difference is small, but the market is based on molecules. Therefore, by adding a large amount of fillers, the original polymer weight products can be sold as low molecular weight products. In this way, the cost is greatly reduced, and the actual weight of the polymer product is insufficient.

2. Post mixing method: It is a method adopted by many distributors, which involves mixing a large amount of inorganic salts with purchased polyacrylamide pam products in a certain proportion, equipped with different equipment, quantities, and product specifications, and preparing them in the corresponding proportion according to unused needs. This method is easy to identify and can be tested using the following methods.

Based on the above method, we can easily distinguish the authenticity of polyacrylamide pam, and when we use it, we should pay attention to distinguishing between true and false. Although fake products are very similar to real products, their performance is different and their usage effect is significantly poor.