Oil and gas field

Xinqi Drilling Fluid Additive

Xinqi Drilling Fluid Additive can improve the rheology of thedrilling fluid to control the properties of drilling fluids.It helps inlubricating the drill bit,preventing well bore instability,controlling pressure,and removing drilled cuttings from thewell bore.It can greatly reduce sticking accidents,reduceequipment wear,prevent well blowouts and borehale collapse,and avoid formation damage during drilling.

Xinqi Acid Thicker Agent

Using the principle of acid with corrosion and dissolution torock cement,formation pore and fracture,Xinqi Acid ThickerAgent can increase ail &gas output.It can improve the viscosityof acid,reduce the activity of acid diffusion velocity,increaseacid operating distance,slow down the acid rock reaction time,increase the width of the cracks,improve the acidizing effect,and achieve the goal of improvement of the formationpermeabllty.

Oil and gas field

Xinqi Plugging Agent

Xinqi Plugging Agent is used in the process of oil fieldproduction,the essence of which is to plug the highpermeability layer and the high yield water layer,adjust theflow profile,reduce the water production,and increase therecovery factor.It has different impacts on oil-water filtrationability.

Xinqi Polymer Oil-displacing Agent

Xinqi Polymer Ol-displacing Agent is used for Enhanced oilRecovery(EOR)Since the viscoelasticity of the polymermolecule has a stretching and carrying effect on the oil film anddroplets,the oil displacement efficiency is improved.

Xinqi Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer

Xinqi Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer is divided into solidparticles and the emulsion,which can reduce friction,and morethan 70%of the pumping pressure.It has simple and quick dragreduction effect,reduces the pumping pressure required.Emulsion type of drag reduction agent are completelyhydrolyzed in water,which improve chaotic fluid way,thusreducing the pumping pressure,to achieve the objective of thegiven velocity.

Xinqi has extensive expertise and experience in oil &gas industry and provides innovativeoilfield polymers,professional services,and practical application.

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