Paper printing and dyeing

Paper Industry

Xinqi Polymer has a complete range of water-soluble polymers specifically designed to handle all the problems occurring in the wet end stages of the paper-making process:
► Paper Retention Aid
► Sludge Dewatering
► Dispersant Agent

Xinqi Polymer target is to help our customers to optimize costs and machine efficiency, to improve the appearance and performance of printed paper and board. Xinqi Polymer is committed to providing the products that are environmentally and economically by increasing the flow-ability and water savings while reducing overall costs.

Paper Retention Aid
Fillers, fines, fibers, and minerals could be selectively retained in the sheet by optimizing retention. This approach will increase the paper quality and improving productivity. Well controlled retention will also improve dewatering and the retention of other papermaking chemicals. Xinqi Polymer paper retention aid, which is a highly effective retention agent for paper making, is designed to improve the water holding capacity, drainage, and operation of machines. Our retention aid could either be used as a single retention system or be used in combination with mineral or organic coagulants.
Xinqi Polymer paper retention aid characters:
♦ High retention capacity
♦ Good filtration speed
♦ Reduce steam consumption and breakdowns in wet parts.

Sludge Dewatering
Sludge treatment is an important part of the water treatment in paper industry which can be performed on filter, screw and belt presses and also centrifuges. For dewatering the target is to achieve maximum water releasement while getting acceptable rates of solids throughput. Technically there is an optimum condition for each unit where desired solid throughput and cake moisture are met. Also, the quality of water discharging from the unit is needed to be taken into account. Xinqi Polymer coagulants used in water treatment are an effective sedimentation and centrifugation reagent in the treatment of partially digested or activated or chemically treated waste sludge from the paper.

Dispersant Agent
Xinqi Polymer dispersant agent could help the solid material dispersed in a liquid easily and stably. Our products could deflocculate solids and thus significantly reduce the viscosity of dispersion and the solid loading could be increased accordingly. Xinqi Polymer dispersant agent, with shorter dissolving time, has been widely used in the papermaking of tissues, household papers writing papers and napkins.
Xinqi Polymer dispersant agent characters:
♦ Short dissolving time
♦ Evenly disperses pulp fiber with good forming effects
♦ Enhance dry-wet degree and tension.

Xinqi Polymer is committed to help our customers and this industry to reduce water consumptions, improve the paper quality and increase the equipment productivity. Moreover, our products are more environmental and economical.

Paper printing and dyeing

Printing and Dyeing Industry

Polyacrylamide for printing and dyeing wastewater treatment:

As we all know, the water consumption in the printing and dyeing industry is very large. According to statistics, nearly one hundred tons of water are used for every ton of textiles processed, and the amount of sewage and wastewater produced is also very large. If it is directly discharged, it will not only pollute the environment but also cause waste of water resources, so the treatment of printing and dyeing sewage is not only related to environmental pollution problems, but if treated properly so that the sewage can be recycled, it can also save water costs in the printing and dyeing process. Printing and dyeing wastewater contains a large amount of fiber impurities, dyes and chemical residues, and the water quality changes greatly due to the large volume of water. It is a special industrial wastewater which is difficult to treat. The polyacrylamide produced by Xinqi Polymer for printing and dyeing wastewater treatment can quickly flocculate the impurities in the printing and dyeing wastewater when used, and can restore the clarity of the wastewater after settlement and other treatments.

What kind of polyacrylamide is used for printing and dyeing wastewater treatment:

XINQI Polymer is a polyacrylamide manufacturer that produces anionic, cationic and nonionic polyacrylamide. The molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide ranges from 4million to 25million, and the ionicity of cationic polyacrylamide ranges from 10% to 70%. Because the water quality of printing and dyeing wastewater changes greatly, when selecting the specifications of polyacrylamide, we usually determine it through sewage water sample testing. This can not only ensure the effect of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, but also reduce the amount of polyacrylamide used. The dosage of acrylamide saves the cost of sewage treatment. If you don't know which specifications of sewage treatment chemicals to use, we will help you test water samples and formulate a suitable sewage treatment chemical usage plan for free.

Paper printing and dyeing